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Aseel Ibrahim

Aseel Ibrahim, Guest Writer

June 29, 2020

“In our school, MVHS, I can feel the intention in the air with other students around me. I can feel the dirty stares that are given to me. I even remember once someone told me that this big stereotype about Highview middle school students which is that they are loud, ghetto, AGGRESSIVE, got anger issues, you get the idea,...

Mounds View High School

Mounds View’s declined ranking among Minnesota public high schools

May 28, 2020

"If I were a parent and I saw this figure, I would think twice before enrolling my children in the Mounds View District."

Amy Klobuchar at the Minnesota DFL election night party. Source: Lorie Shaull, Flickr (

Why Klobuchar Should Be the Democratic Frontrunner for the 2020 Election

February 27, 2019

On a cold February day in Boom Island Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar announced that sh...

The net needs neutrality

Liam Curry, Staff Writer

January 22, 2018

With the internet being a necessity at school, home and work, it is a vital part of everyone’s lives. Over the last few years, net neutrality regulations have “ushered in an unprecedented era of innovation, creativity & civic engagement,” according to Netflix. Without net neutrality and its bright-line rules, the internet’s...

Protestors protect Standing Rock Reservation

Protestors protect Standing Rock Reservation

December 22, 2016

On January 25th, 2016, plans to build the Dakota Access Pipeline were announced, but it wasn’t until late July that conflict between the Standing Rock Tribe and the Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company (ETCO), the corporation building the pipeline, began. Since then, thousands of protesters at Standing Rock and millions more around the world have come together to rally against an unjust construction plan.

America's opioid problem

America’s opioid problem

May 13, 2016

Although unconfirmed, rumors of Prince’s death by drug overdose have added fire to the current conversation surrounding the abuse and overprescription of opioids.

Math teacher Leah Higginbotham works with students during ReFLECT.

Reflecting on the ReFLECT hour

April 30, 2016

Though an hour may not seem like much, the ReFLECT period’s positive impact has already been felt throughout the school.

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