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Should the Redskins change their name?

Sean Sabeti-Oseid, Online Editorials

October 24, 2014

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An issue which continues, surprisingly, to divide people is the issue of team names. One team, the Washington Redskins, is at the center of a debate. The name itself is a pejorative word, but some feel that the name is integral to the Redskins brand and shouldn’t be changed.   Regardless of public perception, the meaning...

By doing nothing, Supreme Court supports gay marriage

October 20, 2014

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The 2013 Supreme Court decision to dismiss California’s Proposition 8 appeal, which itself denied the right of same-sex couples to be married, was a major step forward in legalizing same-sex marriage. By ignoring the anti-marriage equality appeals from five states and the District of Columbia this...

The people’s climate march

Sean Sabeti, online editorials

October 3, 2014

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With the UN Climate Summit taking place, groundbreaking turnout for rallies calling for action on climate change are taking place throughout the world. Because of greater temperature fluctuations and rising carbon dioxide levels, many fear the imminent threat that changing weather will have on the environment,...

The ISIS crisis

Sean Sabeti, Online Editorials Editor

September 12, 2014

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Iraq now faces the greatest threat to its civilization since the fall of the ancient Babylonian Empire. To the west in Syria, things are not much better. As the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria continues its strategic push to gain control over the whole of Iraq, countries like the United States wonder...

Bigotry in sports

Sean Sabeti, online editorials

May 28, 2014

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The American sporting world has had its share of trouble in recent weeks over issues of racism and homophobia.   Whether it be outrage with the harmless actions of Michael Sam, or the racially charged comments of the Los Angeles Clippers owner, news outlets around the country have lately been...

Where to get a real education

staff editorial

May 22, 2014

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College decisions have come to a close for this year’s senior class. Seniors are committing and getting excited for what next year’s college experience has in store. There are many factors that go into a college decision: financing one’s education, school reputation, major interests, acceptance...

Success in sarcasm: How to properly use the most important component of English

Sasha Safonov, Managing Editor

May 31, 2013

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Hyperbole, cliche, profanity. Sarcasm. People use a broad spectrum of devices to place emphasis on a certain point. These devices thrive from their moderate use, as to not diminish their quality to emphasize, bringing a sentence out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, the nation suffers from a sarcasm defici...

Shoot for the paycheck: College athletics have become centered on profit, not play

David Liu, Sports Editor, '12-'13

May 31, 2013

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Sport. Competition. The concept of pitting yourself against another. The idea that hard work and practice trump all. The dream that the sweat, blood, and tears will pay off someday. But the ideals of amateur competition, one that revolves around passion and not money and fame, are becoming more and mor...

Enter the world of Smell-O-Vision

Peter Olson, News Editor, '12-'13

May 31, 2013

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Greetings, my dear children. Bored with your phone? Did Temple Run and Snapchat lose their gleam? Do you have an urge to blow off your life savings on a revolutionary invention? Then fear not, my dearies. I give you the newest and fabulous goodie that will change  cell phones forever. I present to ...

Gays in sports: A whole new ballgame

Mitchell LeMay, Staff Writer

May 21, 2013

Filed under Editorials, Sports

For homosexual athletes, hiding their sexuality is a constant struggle. The age-old taboo that athletes can’t be gay is finally coming under examination for the first time on a national stage. With more and more competitors coming out at all levels, it may be time for society to re-define the idea of ...

IRS Targeting Scandal: Another red scare?

Kobi Endrizzi, Online Editorials Editor

May 17, 2013

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Last Friday, the Washington Post reported on alleged targeting by the Internal Revenue Services. The Washington Post claims that the IRS actually admitted to the specific targeting of conservatives, Tea Partyists, and people of like burdens to the IRS, for their tax-exemptions. Specifically, Washington Post claims they t...

The media’s undiscerning eye

Kobi Endrizzi, Online Editorials Editor

May 14, 2013

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Two assumed dead, hundreds more injured in a large blast. Many ran in terror, few stayed to help. This tragic explosion happened last Monday in Prague, and was the effect of a natural gas explosion. The Prague explosion shares many characteristics with recent events in the U.S.  Although both thes...

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