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Philosophy Club supplements class discussion

Ryan Slechta, Editor In Chief

April 21, 2012

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Among the scores of hybrid classes being offered with the start of the ’11-’12 school year was Modern Philosophy, taught by social studies teacher Justin Benolkin. Faced with declining student enrollment and the relocation of several teachers from the then-closing Alternative Learning Center, Benolkin...

College course options – what’s the best choice for you?

College course options – what’s the best choice for you?

John Ke, Managing Editor

February 15, 2012

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information compiled and written by Peter Olson, Mikaela Warner, and John Ke College. It’s why many students cram in as many AP classes as possible and stay up until three in the morning studying for the Calculus test. Their dreams are hopeful: go to a good college and earn a degree while paying as...

A fresh start to the new semester

Mali Bacig, Spread Editor

January 31, 2012

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The year is half way over and after finals you may be feeling a little academically drained. It can be hard to stay focused and keep a positive attitude for the rest of the year. Here are a few things that you can do to keep up the grades second semester: 1) Write in your planner. Your planner is ...

Finals are over!…Now what?

Alyssa Belsito, Editorials Editor

January 26, 2012

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Now that finals are over, we can all breathe a deep sigh of relief. A highly anticipated stress-free weekend is upon Mounds View students. If you’re searching for something fun to do in celebration, whether in a big group or just a friend or two, look no further. AFTON ALPS Located 50 minutes from ...

Sarah’s Story: Confronting the girl in the mirror

Sarah’s Story: Confronting the girl in the mirror

Martha Kauls, staff reporter

January 20, 2012

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When Sarah, 10, posted a video about her struggle with eating disorders to Facebook on Jan. 1, she had no idea the effect it would have. “The support I have received was so surprising, it brought me to tears. I shouldn’t have underestimated people,” she said. The 40-plus comments, many from Mo...

The Taming of the Shrew, with its Bollywood theme, has something for everyone

Akshay Patke, Reviews Editor

January 12, 2012

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Every year Mounds View Theatre has a student lead Shakespeare production. Usually, the play follows the original Shakespeare closely but with an overarching theme of a decade, for instance last year they did A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a 1960s twist. However, this year’s directors Zach Rolfs,...

360 Reborn: self-taught student group fixes broken X-Boxes

Maximillian Wang, News Editor

January 3, 2012

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Very few students may know that Mounds View has a group of technological innovators walking the halls. Sophomores Arlo Stafford, Jaison Thompson, Brandon Krueger, and Christopher Oien have turned a hobby, fixing broken X-Boxes, into an enterprise, known as “360 Reborn.” The four group members were...

Spare Time

Allison Hare, Staff Writer

December 20, 2011

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This year, Mounds View’s bowling team finished with a 7-9 record. That’s right, we have a bowling team. If this fact surprises you, you’re not alone - in a survey of 100 students, 66 students said there was not a bowling team, 23 were unsure, and a mere 11 said they knew about it. The...

New leadership brings changes to Mustang Cup

Tony Blustein, Staff Writer

December 11, 2011

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Although many students thought the Mustang Cup departed along with former dean Adam McDonald, it is actually starting up again, possibly this month. “I thought the Mustang Cup was cancelled after Mr. McDonald left,” said Alec Mitchell, 12. McDonald, who left Mounds View this summer to become as...

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