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COVID-19 Effects on Businesses

Amy Binder, Staff Reporter

May 20, 2020

On Mar. 16, Governor Tim Walz closed prominent gathering places across Minnesota, forcing many local businesses to close, reduce hours or switch to pick-up or drop-off services only. “Now that we are only open for takeout, business is only about 20-30% of what it was before the outbreak,” said Angie Chen, 11. Chen’s p...

Political Alignment of MV students (350 students polled)

Are students comfortable speaking openly about their political opinion?

April 30, 2020

The First Amendment protects several basic freedoms in the United States, including the freedom of speech...

Power Outage Strikes MV Two Days in a Row

Power Outage Strikes MV Two Days in a Row

May 3, 2019

Yesterday, on May 2, darkness swept the hallways of Mounds View High School. A power outage had over...

NHS Induction

Rebecca Li, Staff Writer

November 1, 2018

On Sept. 26, 119 new members were inducted into the Mounds View chapter of National Honor Society, or NHS. NHS is a nationwide organization that recognizes students who demonstrate scholarship, service, leadership and character, the four pillars of NHS, both inside and outside the classroom. The induction ceremony began with an introdu...

Students walk out for gun control.

National School Walkout

April 30, 2018

On a sunny afternoon of Apr. 20, a large crowd of students gathered outside the front of Mounds View...

Teacher discipline at Mounds View

Leon Wang, Staff Writer

January 22, 2018

When it comes to discipline in school, many of the rules seem to be quite straightforward. A student handbook depicts guidelines for school attendance to a teacher contract with information detailing similar rules dedicated towards school staff. However, the protocols of discipline may not be as simple as they appear: They hold...

Russia, Korea stir pre-Olympic talk

Russia, Korea stir pre-Olympic talk

January 22, 2018

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, will run from Feb. 9 to Feb. 25, with an estimated...

Decorations for the Winter Wonderland Dance

A closer look at Mounds View’s new dances

January 7, 2018

In the past, Mounds View has had all types of dances: Homecoming, Halloween dance, Silverbelle, Neon...

Student Council and DECA pose during charity week.

Charity week in review

January 1, 2018

During the week of Dec. 11 to Dec. 15, Mounds View held a charity week organized by DECA and Student...

Both the cast and crew work hard to make the play successful.

Cast and crew of Mounds View’s fall musical prepare for opening night

November 1, 2017

The Mounds View theater department is looking forward to making a strong impact through their fall mus...

Students affected by Hurricane Maria

Jonathan Santiago, 11, has several family members in Puerto Rico.

Michael Gennaro, Staff Writer

October 15, 2017

On Sept. 20, the fifth strongest hurricane to ever hit the U.S. made landfall in Puerto Rico as a Category...

Players take the field on homecoming.

Students and players weigh in on the kneeling issue

October 5, 2017

Most of the time, the president’s involvement with the NFL is limited to hosting a visit to the White...

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