The golden age of entrepreneurship

High school could be the best time to start a company

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The golden age of entrepreneurship

Furqan Syed and Jeman Park

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From the dawn of time, entrepreneurs have driven humanity forward. Immortalized inventors such as Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller and Bill Gates were not only innovators, but also entrepreneurs who were able to transform their ideas into reality.

Currently, there is a large misconception that age is a prerequisite for pursuing entrepreneurship. In reality, entrepreneurship is fostered by creativity, a trait that teenagers already have. There are many successful young entrepreneurs, and more high school students should pursue their own ventures.

Entrepreneurship is an incredible opportunity for teens and college students of all ages to get some hands-on experience and learn critical problem-solving skills.

Michael Stitsworth, former Associate Dean at the University of Chicago and senior advisor to venture capital start-up firm Vastago Ventures, said, “Being part of a start-up is a great way to see if you’re cut out for the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur—it’s sort of a way to try out a version of your future self without taking too much risk. I’ve found that the best young entrepreneurs are those who see patterns in situations and opportunities, while others look at the same thing and see only chaos.”

There are a lot of opportunities for teenagers to get the resources needed to make a company. For example, popular entrepreneur shows like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den have featured and funded many young entrepreneurs.

David Karp, founder of Tumblr, began pursuing his entrepreneurial passions as a teenager, and was guided by experienced mentors on his journey. On May 2013, Yahoo purchased Tumblr at an evaluation of $1.1 billion, rendering David Karp a millionaire at the age of just 26.

Furthermore, entrepreneurship is one of the most relevant tools in developing skills necessary for wide varieties of future employment.

“Most people will experience total career changes a half dozen times or more…  In the very near term, almost every career and job will have an entrepreneurial dimension.  Getting experience in a start-up while you’re young prepares you to examine and solve problems later on from an entrepreneurial perspective,” said Stitsworth.

The golden age of entrepreneurship is often unknown to those residing within that age. Students should pursue their own problem-oriented solutions to gain real-world experience and attempt to affect the world in their own way. By maximizing the use of their golden age, high school and college students possess the opportunity to defy societal norms and spell out their own legacies across the globe.

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