Pokémon Profile Picture December?

Tommy Sletten, Staff Reporter

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This December, one fad has been sweeping Mounds View High School, and even the entire world: Pokemon Profile Picture December. Mounds View students can participate by changing their Facebook Profile Pictures to characters from the hit anime and video game where you set off on your own adventure, Pokemon. Pokemon Profile Picture December was started on December 1, 2009, and has taken off since then. That year, more than 121,000 people were confirmed to have participated, and in 2010, that number was over 252,000. More people participate every year.

Here at Mounds View, some people put a lot of thought into their choices, but some choose on a whim. “I thought, Wynaut?” said Tommy Rauch, 11,  referencing the popular Pokemon, Wynaut. Rauch says that he participates every year in the event, and even chooses a different Pokemon every year. Rauch mentioned that this year, his Pokemon choice would be Lugia, a powerful and independent flying Pokemon, which he feels represents his personality.

Some students, however, dislike this fad.”I noticed many people changing it for the occasion. It’s fine, but it can get annoying if it goes overboard,” said Joe McGrath, 10. He also said that some people may even take it a little too far, causing others to be bothered and discomforted.

“It’s fun, for sure. Pokemon is great on the inner child,” said Tony Duchenes, 11. He said that he will be choosing the ever slow and behind in trends, Slowpoke, so he will change it in January. “At least 40 – 50 people,” he said are participating so far, that he knows of, at Mounds View alone.

With the growing amount of people trying out this event, it shows growing individuality and playfulness in Mounds View students. Also, because it’s right before New Year’s, it can symbolize forming a new identity through Pokemon.

If you think Pokemon Profile Picture December is right for you, head on to Facebook and start your adventure today.

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