Principal Bruggers responds to questions about racial inequality at Mounds View

Q: Do you have a response to the letter from the alumni?

A: Our collective district response was to invite as many of the alum in for a conversation.  I think it is really important to listen.  We will also be able to share many of the things our district and building have done and are doing to work toward racial equity. We know we can always be better and we need to start with listening.


Q: Do you feel as though there is racial inequality within Mounds View? If yes, what is being done to ensure equality and respect?

A: We know that the State of MN has one of the highest achievement gaps in the country.  That is work we have engaged in and will continue to better ourselves to work to make sure race, class or disability does not predict student achievement and success.  We know that there is still so much more we can and should do.


Q: Is there a plan going into the future on making sure that students feel equal at Mounds View?

A: We will continue to work for just that.  It is very important that all of our students feel that MVHS is a safe and welcoming place to be. We understand equity and equality are different and we approach student groups and situations with an equitable lens.  Above all, it is important to incorporate student voice and choice in order to make MVHS equitable.

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