The Ball’s in a New Coach’s Court

Tommy Sletten

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This year, new Head Boys’ Basketball Coach Dave Leiser will be taking the reins after numerous years with the program in the hands of illustrious coach, Ziggy Kauls.

Many of his players had the utmost respect for Coach Kauls. “Ziggy left a tradition of hard work, teamwork, and dedication,” said basketball player Ryan Kaczynski, 10.  He mentioned that Leiser, who is also a gym teacher at Island Lake Elementary School, can be just as successful as Kauls because of his youth, energy, and teaching ability.

“Great guy, great personality, loves the game of basketball, and a great teacher,” said Thomas Doty, 10, a former student of Leiser’s at Island Lake Elementary. Doty also feels that with those qualities, the new coach will most certainly help the team get better.

Though Kauls is no longer a coach, the impact he left on the school and the community was truly remarkable. Bob Madison, the Athletic Director at Mounds View High School, said that Ziggy was “second to none in the state,” and that he was a legend on the court and in the community.

Madison noted that there were over 60 applicants for the position, but Leiser’s knowledge of most of the players as an assistant coach made him the right man for the job. “[Leiser will] put his fingerprints on the program,” said Madison.

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