An Olympic-style Grand Prix

Nathaniel Nikoi, Staff Reporter

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It’s not often that an Olympic-level swimmer swims a race right in your backyard. But this weekend–November 9-11–at the 2012-13 USA Swimming Grand Prix Series, internationally-acclaimed athletes Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin swam at the University of Minnesota.

Ryan Lochte, hero of the London 2012 Olympics, finishing with two gold, two silver, and one bronze medal, swam in five events at the Grand Prix, winning all he took part in. Lochte raced in the 200m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 100m backstroke, and 200m backstroke and 50y freestyle.
Lochte wasn’t the only one stealing the spotlight though. Missy Franklin also took part in Grand Prix Series event. The 17-year-old who shocked London 2012 Olympic viewers with her exceptional performance and five medals–four of which were gold–participated in two events: 200m backstroke and 100m freestyle.

Just when talk about Lochte seems to have died down, he has been revived here in Minneapolis, at least among swimmers at Mounds View.

“I got to see Ryan Lochte, who is the best at what he does. Let’s not forget what he did in the 2012 London Olympics,” said Sean Lucas, 11.
One student wanted a bit more from Lochte, and went so far as to tweet at him. Maddie Hulcher, 12, tweeted, “@ryanlochte Worst day ever actually. Give me something to be happy about.”
Lochte’s response: “Tomorrow is another day, cheer up (with a smiley face).”
Hulcher later made mention, “The smiley face makes all the difference.”

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