Fresh faces under the lights

Jake Rosenow, staff reporter

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Coach Jim Galvin and the Mounds View football team are into yet another season with a record above .500. Although the team has had dominating records in the past, Galvin said he’s always nervous before game time. “The boys always seem to calm me down during the game,” he said.

The seniors this year are nearly as good as the last. Galvin said the team can compete on both sides of the football and that “The biggest room is always the room for improvement.” He emphasized that the team can never be 100% and there’s always something to work on. He also emphasized the importance of chemistry and teamwork. This year’s team is full of returning players from JV, sophomore, and freshman teams, all playing with their teammates of many years.

Galvin has a history of playing seniors on varsity and this year is no different. About 75% of starters are indeed seniors. This means there are fresh faces out on the field each and every year. Also, there is always room for improvement on the team.

Many incoming seniors are placed into the roles in which past seniors have left – in turn, allowing many incoming seniors a chance to play at the varsity level. Some include Connor Nelson who has filled the role as starting running back, which was occupied by, Joe Janey, now playing at St. Thomas. But players like Pete Goldsmith and Cam Lemay, 11, have played varsity football since they were sophomores allowing them to gain comfort at the varsity level.

Although the roster may change each year, a majority of the players have been teammates since elementary school. Therefore allowing them to get to know each other and their skill levels. Not only has the youth program influenced the success of the Mounds View football program, but it has also helped the team come together. The youth players all live up to playing varsity at Mounds View someday, and many of whom stick together and play with their teammates from the youth football days. The Mounds View football program is still growing and new players are on the team each year. The football team is confident that they can continue their winning record in the future.

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