[SATIRE] Subabe Aden — Mounds View’s next top star

The renowned artist released his newest album, catapulting his fame to new heights.
All photos via of Subabe Aden
All photos via of Subabe Aden
The cover of Subabes latest album, MinneYapolis.

Subabe Aden, which started as a joke during Covid, is now Mounds View’s number one artist, with students listening to their music non-stop, both in and out of class.

It all started in 2021 when the creator of the songs, Subabe, discovered that a friend pieced together a sample song called “Dogsh*t” using voice clips from Subabe while he was gaming. “I guess I have pretty memorable voice clips. When the song was released, I was pretty surprised. I didn’t know what was in the making,” said Subabe.

“We picked it up as a joke, but it went into my college app.”

— Subabe Aden

The cover of Subabe’s latest album, “MinneYapolis.”

We’re not rappers, we’re yappers,

— Subabe Aden

Now, he has over 100,000 streams and over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Recently they dropped their largest album yet, “MinneYapolis.” 

The inspiration behind the newest album “MinneYapolis” comes from where the group is located: Minneapolis. “We live in Minneapolis, so ‘MinneYapolis’ since we are yapping,” said Subabe. The album consists of seven songs: “MinneYapolis”, “Not Yappin Enough,” “Yap4Yap,” “Not A Rapper,” “Mo G Wiggins,” “Time For Bed,” and “Sadgah.”

Subabe Management hard at work.

In the development of this album, Subabe and his team created a complex communication channel called “Subabe Management” to plan out their new masterpieces. With over one entire hour spent on each song in the album, this is the best album yet.

Subabe Management hard at work.
Inspiration behind each song:


“MinneYapolis was all freestyle. We hopped on and I spit facts. For the other songs we used other techniques to get the creative juices flowing,” said Subabe

Not Yappin Enough:

“We felt that we were not yapping enough in our previous track and so we went on a yaptastic yap session in a call,” said Subabe.


“It was a Socratic seminar about contemporary American politics. We were talking about whether there should be a dress code in Congress and if we should close the gender pay gap, and, as you know, I’m a feminist icon so I agreed,” said Subabe.

Not a Rapper:

“We’re not rappers we’re yappers. This track is a story of us not associating with the modern hip hop genre and instead creating a new field: ‘Yappers,’” said Subabe. 

Mo G Wiggins:

“As a young lad Subabe was already breaking into the music scene. Checking his bandlab we found his first ever freestyle, Mo G Wiggins. We decided to turn this freestyle into a song on our Album. Mo G Wiggins refers to the Timberwolves star Andrew Wiggens,” said a member of Subabe’s crew.

Time For Bed: 

“With Subabe’s bedtime being 11:30, we were very inspired to write a song about Subabe’s sleeping habits,” said a member of Subabe’s crew.


“Sadge is a term used by gamers, I made fun of it sarcastically one day and I said it wrong. Ever since then, we use the word sadgah a lot,” said Subabe.

Subabe dons a helmet to avoid being recognized in public.

Subabe, now at the top of the music food chain, has lost interest in other artists. “I do not look up to anybody. I tread my own path [and] everyone looks up to me,” said Subabe. “I hope that one day, Blueface will reach my level and become a real rising star.” Despite this, Subabe remains humble, acknowledging his “day ones.” “I want to shout out to my momma. She really inspired me to work hard and persevere,” said Subabe.

With Subabe and his team’s popularity rising daily, there is only one limit to their growth: Subabe’s 11:30 bedtime.

Subabe dons a helmet to avoid being recognized in public.
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  • J

    JustinDec 4, 2023 at 12:25 pm

    I think that this was masterfully written, it’s inspirational to see the younger generation taking a hobby so seriously. I hope that Subabe does well!

    • V

      Viewer MVDec 5, 2023 at 5:30 pm

      Thanks for the feedback! We’re so grateful to have such talented and dedicated students at Mounds View.