The Nutrition Spot Review

Angie Larson, Online Managing Copy Editor

The Nutrition Spot is known for being a place where many Mounds View athletes go to get various drinks after practice or a game. Located just over two miles from Mounds View highschool, making it very convenient for many students.

Upon arriving at the Nutrition Spot, the first thing Katherine Spence, 12, and I noticed was that the owner was not wearing a mask. Although many are choosing to not wear masks due to personal beliefs or medical reasons, it is a potential health hazard to not be wearing a mask while working with and serving food. 

The menu was posted in big letters, making it fairly easy to read. However, it was a bit confusing at first to know exactly what we were supposed to order as we were not frequent customers. Choosing which flavor to pick was quite a challenge, but I do applaud The Nutrition Spot for having a wide variety of items to fulfill all of its customers’ desires. 

For our order, we ended up getting two shakes and one raspberry tea. Upon receiving both of the drinks, the sealed lid on the tea was broken, making it a minor health hazard. In addition to this, there were a few small holes in the lid of my shake. 

The tea tasted like it was made of sugar syrup,raspberry powder and tea. I found that the raspberry tea was flavorless and almost hard to drink because I am not an avid tea drinker. I had a few sips and ended up throwing it out. On the other hand, the shakes were promising. I tried the brownie shake and it was not unappealing. The shake tasted very similar to any regular chocolate protein powder; there was nothing special about it and I could get it at a store. The texture was also slightly grainy due to it being a frozen shake. However, I did end up finishing my entire shake. 

Spence, was similarly unpleased with her cookies ‘n cream shake. “I rate it a 2/10. The artificial flavor of the chocolate protein powder was overwhelming and definitely not worth six dollars,” said Spence.

The pricing is not ideal as one tea and one shake cost me around $8.60. However, the convenience of The Nutrition Spot was fantastic and it did not take long for us to receive our drinks at all. I would rate The Nutrition Spot an overall 3/10.