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Public speaking should be mandatory

Public speaking should be mandatory

Isabella Kunc, Features & Spread Editor April 4, 2024

I’ve seen some bad class presentations from students who speak quietly, classmates who ramble for far too long or slides with more text than this article. I’ve also seen good speakers: people emanating...

Replica of Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond.

[OPINION] Happiness is not a cabin in the woods

As Christopher McCandless puts it, "Happiness only real when shared."
Maya Gjelhaug, Print Editor-in-Chief March 27, 2024

Before I moved to Shoreview, I lived in Roseville near a secluded Protestant church surrounded by a wooded enclave. It was probably only a few acres of trees, but the densely packed conifers sheltered...

Many consumers, especially parents, have begun to avoid products with red dye 40 because of media exaggeration.

[OPINION] Red dye 40: toxic or tame?

Red dye 40 has taken the internet by storm, with news outlets claiming it causes widespread behavioral disorders in children. However, the media has exaggerated these effects to a nonfactual level.
Lale Baylar, Opinions Editor March 16, 2024

Red Dye 40 is a synthetic food dye found in many products in the aisles of a grocery store, ranging from drinks and snacks to packaged fruit products. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its...

Every year, high schoolers face the dilemma of choosing a career path. Although social media has downplayed the importance of a college degree, it remains a necessity for climbing the social ladder.

[OPINION] Going to college is still worth it

Social media devalues the importance of college. Yet, influencers never mention the hardships that people will face without a college degree.
Gloria Liu, Debates and Sports Editor March 1, 2024

After graduating high school, one might question going through another four years of school. Influencers on social media further feed into this hesitancy by emphasizing crushing student loan debt and by...

Teachers unions help uplift students, with schools that have them scoring higher on standardized tests than schools without.

[OPINION] Don’t blame teachers unions for our failing education system

Many point to teachers unions as the cause of many problems plaguing the modern education system. However, their blame is misplaced — these unions do more good than evil.
Elijah Easton, Staff Reporter February 22, 2024

Over the past few decades, teachers unions have found themselves under intense scrutiny, particularly from conservative circles. Many will recall when former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed the legislation...

On social media, users are bombarded with productivity tips and hacks, all aimed encouraging others to continuously work without developing a healthy balance.

[OPINION] Our toxic relationship with productivity

Rather than aimlessly accomplishing tasks for instant gratification, the goal should be to partake in an opportunity that deepens your understanding and appreciation of said experience.
Lale Baylar, Opinion Editor & Illustrator February 20, 2024

Productivity means staying on top of your responsibilities and finishing necessary tasks in a timely manner. But with more students racing for better grades and aiming for rigorous classes, there is a...

[DEBATE] Should advanced classes be eliminated?

[DEBATE] Should advanced classes be eliminated?

Along with a growing number of U.S. schools, the Mounds View district has began cutting advanced classes at the elementary, middle and high schools. In this piece, we debate the pros and cons of this decision.
Maya Gjelhaug and Justin Shao January 24, 2024

The phenomenon called “TikTok music” is a derogatory way of describing simple but over-dramatic piano or guitar ballads.

[OPINION] TikTok is killing music

The music that achieves popularity on TikTok has become over-reliant on gimmicks, incorporating online vernacular in some half-hearted attempt to connect with the masses.
William Overbo, Staff Reporter January 21, 2024

Among a list of industries, the music industry is one of the most difficult to break into. Giant labels that span back nearly 50 years have a history of brokering deals that heavily favor management companies...

PC Principal introduces himself to South Park Elementary.

[OPINION] Check your privilege, bro!

The “check your privilege” saying has been part of mainstream discourse since at least 2013, but more than a decade later, the issues surrounding the discussion remain unresolved.
Maya Gjelhaug, Print Editor-in-Chief January 19, 2024

In 2015, South Park introduced their infamous PC Principal, recognizable for his catchphrase, "Check your privilege, bro!" Portrayed as an overzealous, white, Oakley-rocking frat bro, PC Principal aggressively...

[OPINION] The disappearance of architectural beauty

[OPINION] The disappearance of architectural beauty

Modernization is stripping away the unique identities of communities.
Lale Akkin, Staff Reporter December 18, 2023

After World War II, the influx of returning veterans and the initiation of veteran-support programs, such as the GI Bill, led to an exponential increase in the demand for housing. In an attempt to increase...

Dennis Prager, conservative talk show host and founder of PragerU

[OPINION] PragerU does not belong in schools

Florida's recent approval of PragerU educational materials for schools sets a dangerous precedent of misinformation in schools
Maya Gjelhaug, Print Editor-in-Chief December 14, 2023

Contrary to what the name suggests, PragerU is not a university, but rather a right-wing, borderline conspiratorial media outlet. Founded by conservative talk show host and writer Dennis Prager, PragerU...

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