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Mounds View High School's student news site.

The Viewer

Mounds View High School's student news site.

The Viewer

New theater directors to replace Van Bruggen. VIA @danperuucco

Theater director resigns

Van Bruggen to be replaced by married middle school ELA teachers.
Tyler Quattrin, Staff Reporter June 18, 2024

On Friday, May 10, Mounds View’s theater director, Matthew Van Bruggen, announced in an email to theater families that he would not return for a third year as director. According to Van Bruggen’s...

Mounds View High School computer science course offerings

Minnesota schools rank last in the nation for computer science

A lack of computer science course offerings and requirements have led Minnesota high schools to rank last nationally for computer science course opportunities.
Graham Hanson, Staff Reporter June 4, 2024

In a 2023 survey by Code.org, they found that only 28% of high schools in Minnesota offered computer science classes. This is a sharp contrast to the national average, with 57% of high schools offering...

Rendering developed of the Mystery Cove Water Park plans.

Mystery Cove: details of Mall of America’s upcoming waterpark revealed

Zariyah Howell, Staff Reporter May 3, 2024

The Mall of America is in the works of building a new water park called Mystery Cove. The park was supposed to begin construction in 2020, but due to COVID-19 and inflation, the project was put on hold....

The college and career center emphasizes the need for standardized testing for students aiming for selective colleges and urges them to use the school’s resources to prepare.

Colleges return to standardized test requirements

As colleges question the effectiveness of test-optional admissions, many are reinstating a SAT/ACT requirement for the 2024-2025 admissions cycle.
Suha Sharif, Staff Reporter May 1, 2024

On April 11, Harvard College announced that it will require applicants for the class of 2029 to submit standardized test scores. Harvard is joining colleges such as Yale, MIT, Brown and Dartmouth in requiring...

Inconvenience. One the minimum wage goes into effect, riders will be unable to start or end a ride in Minneapolis.

Uber and Lyft to end operations in Minneapolis due to new laws

Thousands of Minneapolis ride are drivers are put out of work with updated regulations.
William Overbo, Staff Reporter April 26, 2024

The Minneapolis City Council ruled in a 10-3 vote on March 14 to override the mayor’s veto of a bill that would increase the minimum wage of Uber and Lyft drivers, who were not included in the recent...

Stillwater was one of the 22 water sources flagged by the EPA for dangerous levels of PFAS in the city’s drinking water. Other contaminated sources include South St. Paul, Brooklyn Park and Woodbury.

EPA enacts new limits on PFAS in drinking water

New regulations of these “forever chemicals” puts 22 water sources in Minnesota over the limit, including 10 metro water systems.
Justin Shao, Staff Reporter April 22, 2024

Minnesota water sources face significant threats from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, otherwise known as PFAS. Often referred to as “forever chemicals,” they don’t break down easily and persist...

Photo taken during winter 2024 shows lack of snow and ice outside in Minnesota.

What to expect after the El Niño winter

Justin Shao, Staff Reporter April 5, 2024

Last Christmas, many expected a traditional cold and snowy winter, but instead they were met with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees. This unusual weather wasn’t just due to global warming, but also El...

Mounds View High School seniors Hridaya Ghosh and Pratham Snehi pose for a selfie with Mounds View School Board members.

“What about Diwali?” — Mounds View to Diwali recognized as holiday

Two Mounds View students recently collaborated with the school board to advocate for recognizing Diwali as a religious holiday and having it removed as a school day.
Suha Sharif, Staff Reporter April 2, 2024

The Mounds View Public School District has become increasingly more diverse in recent years. To make room for inclusion, the district has implemented more days off during the school year to include more...

According to a study done by Rutgers University, gambling in young adults ages 18 to 24 has increased by 400% since 2017.

Sports betting: Teens hit the “slots”

Over the past few years, the U.S. has seen a significant increase in the number of teenagers gambling and participating in sports betting.
Mara Peacock and Via Yang March 30, 2024

Over the past few years, the U.S. has seen a significant increase in the number of teenagers gambling and participating in sports betting. According to a study done by Rutgers University, gambling in young...

Mounds View Theaters production of Shrek the Musical in 2022.

Mounds View Theater casting sparks controversy

The recent casting for the Cinderella musical has sparked conflict within the department and scrutiny towards the director of the program, raising questions about the ethicality of casting white actors in traditionally non-white roles.
Maya Gjelhaug and Tyler Quattrin March 28, 2024

By request, some student sources are kept anonymous to protect their position in the theater program or to prevent scrutiny. Anonymous sources are each provided with a different number for differentiation. Soon...

Unlike the Republican Bill, the DFL proposal gives 11 Minnesota Native American tribes, many of which already operate casinos, exclusive rights to provide sports betting.

Minnesota to legalize sports betting

Looking to follow other states, MN legislators propose two bills aimed at legalizing sports betting.
Lillian Landberg, Staff Reporter March 26, 2024

In August 2022, Minnesota passed legislation to begin the process of legalizing sports betting. Since then, two bills have come to the forefront: HF2000, proposed by Democrats, and SF 3803 (Minnesota Sports...

Ben Refsell and Allison Yu (front) with the Mounds View School Board (back) after advocating for a Food to Hog program at Mounds View High School.

Mounds View to adopt Food to Hog program

Mounds View High School will have sorting tables in the cafeteria next year. Any discarded food will go to a hog farm.
Elijah Easton, Staff Reporter March 25, 2024

Many schools in Minnesota have adopted the Food to Hog program to combat the impact of their food waste. This program allows hog farms to obtain permits to use post-consumer food waste as feed for their...

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