Aseel Ibrahim

Aseel Ibrahim, Guest Writer

“In our school, MVHS, I can feel the intention in the air with other students around me. I can feel the dirty stares that are given to me. I even remember once someone told me that this big stereotype about Highview middle school students which is that they are loud, ghetto, AGGRESSIVE, got anger issues, you get the idea, about all the students there which isn’t true, and what bothered me most is that someone feared me because of that stereotype. People think I don’t notice my surroundings, but I do and not even going to lie, it surprises me and disgusts me at the same time because didn’t know that I would get those reactions, those looks, those tensions, because I’m a Muslim black girl. I just hope that nobody needs to fear us black students and we can all be friends because you can see the people that are different races or colors have their type of groups especially my freshman year me and my friends (black and latinos(as) and Arab and Somali) that was our group. We all might have our separate friends too, but we’d mostly hang with each other because of the tension that’s in the air of being feared, if not being able to be yourself around certain people and I feel like nobody should have to go through that.”