How is the administration trying to make MV better?

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Han Vu-Tran and Junha Yoo, Staff Reporters

Although the administration implements school policies with the school’s best interests in mind to create the finest environment and community for students and staff, these changes are still considered questionable and remain the focus of student and staff criticism.

A prime example of student disappointment with the enforcement of new policies is the limitation of student movement between different workspaces during ReFLECT. Students feel that their freedom during ReFLECT has been restricted and that the administration is trying to punish everyone for the mistakes of a select few who do not utilize ReFLECT wisely. The administration, however, found that these changes were necessary so that all students could continue benefiting from ReFLECT. “We really didn’t want to make changes to ReFLECT, but what we were finding was that there were a lot of students roaming the halls, doing things they weren’t supposed to be doing, and we didn’t want to ruin it for everyone. We didn’t want to take ReFLECT away,” said Principal Stephanie Bruggers. 

The school’s closed campus continues to generate frustration among the student body as a policy that prevents students from leaving the building during their free periods or during lunch. However, according to Associate Principal Michael Schwartz, the current administration did not make the school a closed campus. “Our campus has always been closed, been closed since 1955. It’s a school board decision, we follow it. It’s never been an open campus,” Schwartz said. It is also highly unlikely that Mounds View will adopt an open campus policy due to safety concerns. “It just goes back to safety and security for students. When students leave the building and they’re going out in the community, they’re driving; we don’t know what’s going to happen. As well as when they come back, we don’t know what they’re bringing back into the building,” Martin said. “We try to have a secure and safe environment for all students.”

Locked bathrooms remain another issue at Mounds View that students have commonly complained about. Students say that encountering locked bathrooms remains a constant trouble, stating that they are often locked because of vandalism or vaping. Despite these claims, the administration says that it does not lock bathrooms. “I’ve been checking bathrooms all the time. We’ve got door openers to hold the doors open now to avoid those issues,” said Michael Schwartz. “Our bathrooms are open all the time.”  Associate Principal Gregory Martin, expanded on the issue. “If there ever is a bathroom locked, I would just say come let us know and we’ll go unlock it,” Martin said. “If it’s due to construction purposes, usually they’ll put a sign up.”

Despite efforts to improve students’ mental health, such as a series of speakers on the subject, some students say that the administration’s endeavors have had no impact. However, according to Martin, the administration will continue to look at a lot of different angles to create a better Mounds View High School experience. “I don’t think it’s just, you know, ‘The mental health is out of control.’ I think every student is a little differently [sic] on how they handle things and where they’re at in the process, but I think it’s evaluating that, and then trying to make the experience as a whole more enjoyable for students.” Martin continued, “Things take time, even though we realize that the time is now.”

Even though students clearly feel that its efforts up to this point have not been sufficient, the administration’s message to students is that it will continue to do its best to create a more enjoyable learning environment.