Pineapple Ice Cream Recipe Review

Olivia Sperbeck, Sports Editor

The thought of upcoming spring excites many Minnesotans who are tired of the long, cold winter. After the extended months of icy weather, I wanted to get in the mood for spring. As someone who has always loved ice cream, I tried my hand at making my own, homemade pineapple ice cream. 

Finding a recipe was my first task. Since I do not have an ice cream maker, I opted for a no-churn option. After finding one, I realized there were only four ingredients needed: sweetened condensed milk, heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract and canned pineapple chunks. 

The recipe instructed me to whip up the cream into stiff peaks and then add the condensed milk and vanilla. Beating the cream was a little difficult because it takes a while to get to that perfect consistency, but the process only ended up taking five minutes.  After the cream had a similar texture to whipped cream, I beat in the vanilla and milk, which I then followed by stirring in the pineapple chunks. 

Next, I put the mixture in a large container and froze it. I left it in my freezer for twelve hours and took it out. I was unsure of how it would taste, because I had never combined pineapple and ice cream before. 

My family and I were pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. The ice cream had a rich, buttery flavor that was phenomenal, and the pineapple added a delicious depth of flavor. The texture was like store-bought ice cream and it scooped like hard ice cream. 

Overall, the Love Bakes Good Cakes recipe for pineapple ice cream was extremely tasty. It was easy to make and tasted amazing. This was a great dessert that put me in the mood for spring. 


Rating: 4/5