Dead End Hayride

Khalid Abdullahi, Staff Writer

The Dead End Hayride is a Minnesota-only attraction that’s open for a limited time. It opens on Sept. 23 every year and goes all the way to Oct. 31. The hayride is in Wyoming, MN which is 26 miles from Mounds View. The hayride attracts a variety of ages, but teenagers are the most popular age group. After all, teens must have fun and play because it helps break down pressure they might feel from academics, and it gives them a chance to hang out with friends.

The thrill you feel going to The Dead End Hayride comes from how the workers jump onto the hayride in the dark and grab as well as shake you. The screams of the other passengers intensify the experience you seek when going there. I sat in the middle of the front row, and my first contact with a worker was when a huge man dressed in a blood-spattered skirt took me by the arm. The abnormality of his costume was what frightened me the most. Secondly, the special effects such as the flamethrowers that come over your head during the beginning and end of the ride are not only unexpected but frightening, not to mention with the light strobes and sudden darkness that engulfs you.

There were breaks during the maze, such as a skeleton-dressed man dancing to salsa music, which was a nice break from the frights. It gives people a chance to catch their breath and provides a quick breather along with some laughs.

One consideration is when to go because it’s important you go late as it’s not as scary if it’s still light outside, and it ruins the experience, “I went on Saturday at 9 p.m., because it’s more fun when it’s dark,” said senior Abdimalik Abdi. If you’re going purely for the scare you should go alone, “I would be more scared if I went alone because I wouldn’t have anyone to run with and hold on to,” said Abdi.

Freshman Robert James Essie went on the opening day. While he had a fun time, he complained about how the workers, other people, and dust dirtied his expensive shoes, “They stepped on my Jordan 3’s purple Iris and they cost more than $200, so I was upset ” said Essie. Lesson learned, while there is no dress code, wearing beaters or shoes that don’t cost as much would be the best choice, along with dressing for chillier weather.

When I went on the 23rd, I had a good experience. I went with my family, some cousins, and a friend. We all bought the $58 immediate pass, so we didn’t have to wait in line, which typically takes 45-60 minutes. On the way to the attraction on the hayride, we were startled a lot as workers hopped on and scared us in the dark. The only downside was it was pretty crowded.

While I enjoyed my time, there were things that I didn’t like, for example how you have to spend $58 to not wait in line and how the pace you have depends on the people in front of you. Along with that, the workers kept on urging us to put our phones away, so we weren’t able to take many photos or videos.

If you have never gone to the Dead End Hayride, it’s a great place to get scared, but I wouldn’t advise visiting every year. Wearing closed shoes, going late, knowing the weather to dress properly and a ticket option that’s right for you can all guarantee to have a fun time.