The Main Line Lunch at MVHS

Mary Schmidt, Staff Writer

People generally have differing opinions on school lunches, and personal favorites differ from student to student. When reviewing the school lunches and taking a look at what the fan favorites are, differences in enjoyment of various school meals become apparent.

In school, the main line lunches typically are the same or vary slightly from week to week. The normal lunches usually consist of orange chicken on Monday, popcorn chicken on Tuesday, burrito bowl or taco in a bag on Wednesday, pasta bar on Thursday and chicken sandwich or burger bar on Friday. Although the lunch can vary weekly, these options are common and have the strongest student opinions.

Surprisingly, the pasta bar was the most popular, having significantly more votes than the other lunches. “It is just the best quality lunch,” said junior Lizzy Wangler. “The bread and pasta sauces or the alfredo both are good, you can’t go wrong,” added Wangler. Many others agreed with this statement. “You also just get the most food,” said junior Marissa Ryman.  

However, this opinion is not unanimous. Other people tend to enjoy some of the other lunches better. “I personally really liked the taco in a bag,” said sophomore Liza Mushel. The next most popular out of the candidates asked was the popcorn chicken. Some addition students thought we could add to the lunches was a nachos and cheese day. “It would be nice to sub that for taco day sometimes. Nachos would be a great school lunch,” said sophomore Jocelyn Setley.

The low score mostly resulted from the inadequate number of lunch choices. So, the recommendation ultimately is if you are going to get the school lunches, get lunch on pasta day. The rating shows that they are the fan favorite, and other lunches compared to it are just average. Ultimately, if we were to recommend something to the school, it would be more mainline options.

Verdict on Overall Lunch: 3/5