Glow Holiday Festival


Gao Zhong, Staff Writer

During the winter season, there are many events and activities to do in Minnesota. One event that sticks out is the Glow Holiday Festival. 

The Glow Holiday Festival is a winter wonderland light show at the CHS Field in St. Paul, which runs until  January 1 from 5-9 p.m. every day. Tickets are $20.75 for adults and $12.75 for children, and they only accept credit or debit cards.

The first view upon entering is the huge colorful lights all around the CHS field, with a giant light Christmas tree in the middle. The themes for each light section are thoughtfully planned: from a lit-up forest with multiple tiny houses throughout it to a giant snow slide to a fun disco light party. The lights are eye-catching, vibrant and carefully placed throughout the field, and they set up a few light statues to take pictures with. Some favorites of mine were the angel wings and the big elf sitting.  

In the middle, meeting Santa Claus is an option to take children to talk to him and take pictures with. Afterward, a slide is introduced and the tickets per person are $5. It’s a quick and entertaining activity, extra fun with a group. Coming down on the slide leads to the bottom level and a better view of the tree and other lights in the middle.

The bottom level also has a small light forest, arches, tunnels, a mini maze and other big lights. The pathway around the field is snowy, so I recommended wearing boots. They have other big light statues like a giant polar bear and a globe. To get back up, there are stairs leading toward the light walk’s end. They have disco lights and fire pits. The fire pits are necessary as it gets cold quickly. Finally, the end of the walk has a playground with seesaws that light up, slides and a mini rock climbing wall. In the end, a landscape view of the entire field is visible. 

However, some improvements in the event can change the multiple narratives made about it. They have one story about the giant tree in the center. The tree’s lights shut down and Mudonna, a pink pig with blue eyeshadow and the St. Paul Saints’ mascot, helps to turn the lights on the tree back on by going to the cable box filled with wires and guessing which ones help turn on the tree. This quick story gets repetitive as it is repeated throughout the night. Moreover, the tickets already cost a lot, so paying to go down the slide should not be an activity that requires payment. 

Despite some drawbacks, the festival is family-friendly and is perfect for a quick and easy stop. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience with many activities to do and to remember. 

Final Score: 4/5