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Decision Day: Class of 2019

Decision Day: Class of 2019

Rebecca Li and Michelle Sung

June 2, 2019


Power Outage Strikes MV Two Days in a Row

Power Outage Strikes MV Two Days in a Row

Michael Gennaro, Leon Wang, Janae Lee, and Angie Larson

May 3, 2019

Yesterday, on May 2, darkness swept the hallways of Mounds View High School. A power outage had overwhelmed several areas of the school building during fifth hour, and classrooms were forced to adjust to the lack of technology and light. After just getting the power back last night, Mounds View experie...

Memories From the Winter Week Pepfest

March 11, 2019

As spring gradually arrives in 2019, we look back at some of the iconic moments during the winter Pepfest at Mounds View. Photo credits: Sarah Tang

Korean-style Fried Chicken Arrives in Uptown

Michael Hu, Staff Reporter

January 8, 2019

 One of Uptown’s newest restaurants, Bonchon, opened earlier in October and has been bustling ever since. Specializing in Korean-style fried chicken, Bonchon is recognized internationally for its authenticity and Korean twist on other foreign dishes. While Bonchon may not be the best choice for a budge...

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