How Online School has Affected School Spirit


Amelia Sparks

Mounds View High School Pep Fest (2019-2020)

Sienna Wood, Illustrator

The term “unusual” does not even begin to describe the 2020-21 school year. With the COVID-19 pandemic underway, many things were forced to change, for better or for worse. Although this affected all students, its effect on seniors remains unique. For seniors, this year was their last chance to make memories with their high school friends before graduation. Many traditions such as homecoming, dressing up for football games and pepfests were held virtually or canceled.

Seniors also lost some of their physical time in person throughout this year. Although some students still hung out with their close friends outside of school, many did not feel safe doing so. While in remote learning, many students still did not get to see their friends from school. The simple hallway interactions between students were missed in the time spent away from campus. Although this may not have had an impact on all students, there is no doubt about it that social interaction has decreased immensely compared to a typical school year.

 Seniors hold the unofficial responsibility of going above and beyond with school spirit and hyping up school events. The shift away from many typical high school traditions took its toll on the school’s sense of community. This is not only troubling current high school students, but also for the future of Mounds View. Without the guidance of this year’s senior presence, next year’s senior class may also be likely to detach from the high schools’ traditions, which can cause a ripple effect for years to come. 

 Without any in-person spirit week for homecoming, the freshmen did not get the chance to see the seniors’ decked out outfits and feel inclined to follow suit. They did not get to learn the chants and cheers for the student section at sporting events. This means that when they become sophomores they will not get to help set the standards for next year’s freshman class since they will still be learning themselves. 

Although seniors may feel shorted by this school year as a class, they understand that these changes were due to the circumstances of our world. Through this year, students have learned to cherish the previous events and community that had previously been taken for granted.

As this chaotic school year comes to an end, the junior class will not get to experience the jealousy of the senior class getting out of school over a week earlier and getting a head start on their summers. Underclassmen will not even experience seniors all leaving high school for the last time, since many don’t physically come to school anymore. 

It will be up to next year’s seniors to rekindle school spirit and bring back the sense of community Mounds View once had. It may be a challenge, but if everyone tries to make the most of their high school years and does their part to participate, the school spirit could return.