How Will Black Friday 2020 Look?

Oliver Smith, Staff Reporter

According to, the term “Black Friday” was first used in 1869 when two people hoarded gold, causing a stock market crash that bankrupted many. Today, however, the term means something much more positive: one day out of the year, every store has a huge sale.

The coronavirus has affected many things this year, and Black Friday is no exception. With Minnesota reaching 3,762 new confirmed cases on November 10th (according to MDH), many are wondering what effect this will have on store sales regarding public health and safety.

Due to COVID, many stores will not be hosting an in-person Black Friday sale,  but this does not mean there will not be sales happening. Some stores have said they will move Black Friday to their websites and market their sales as online-only. 

Best Buy is one store that is choosing to keep their doors closed this coming Thanksgiving day. They have stated that they will only provide sales through their website. They have also changed the time they will be having their sale, with them stating that “Black Friday isn’t just one day this year — it’s months-long,” and having listed sales for as early as November 5 and as late as the 28.

Target has also announced a change to its Black Friday policy. Now they will be doing their sales online throughout the entire month, as opposed to the regular Thanksgiving week.

Some stores are doing a mix of both online and in-person sales. Walmart is offering a safer way to shop, listing on its website: “This year, we’re offering more convenient and safer ways to shop Black Friday at Walmart, whether that’s from one of our stores, ordering online and picking it up curbside, or having it delivered to your front door.” Walmart still plans to instate safety precautions throughout the store by limiting the number of shoppers allowed in the stores, sanitizing shopping carts, and encouraging shoppers to stick to the right side of aisles. 

In unfortunate circumstances, sometimes change is necessary to maintain safety. This is more true than ever in 2020. During this year’s Black Friday, stores will still be able to have their sales, albeit with a few restrictions, and people may still be able to catch some deals.