“Devious Licks” at Mounds View

Michael Wang, Staff Reporter

Internet trends come and go, often without leaving a lasting impact, but one recent trend has caused substantial damage to Mounds View High School. As members of the student body have noticed, most restrooms were temporarily closed due to the disappearance and destruction of various items in the facilities, specifically bathrooms. 

This may be linked to the popular new fad, known as the “Devious Lick.” Students participating in this trend steal or vandalize various items from the school, such as soap dispensers and exit signs in an attempt to garner attention on social media. This has led to major problems for students and staff.

“Devious Licks” originated on TikTok, where the initial participant stole a box of disposable masks from their school. This fad became widely popular, resulting in people across the country stealing things such as ceiling tiles, mirrors, urinals, exit signs, and other items from their schools. Participants would then post the stolen items on social media, encouraging more people to participate. This trend led to damage in a variety of public spaces, especially bathrooms. The damage caused by these “Devious Licks” has made these bathrooms unusable, leading them to become locked for repairs and to prevent further damage.

Within the short time frame of its popularity, this trend has taken its toll on Mounds View. Students are expected to use the bathroom during brief passing times, and due to the majority of the bathrooms being locked, finding an open bathroom takes longer than the allotted seven minutes. It also impacts the administrative and custodial staff, as they are the ones who have to clean up the mess left behind by “Devious Lick” participants.

The administrative staff have tried to combat this in a variety of ways. Ben Chiri, associate principal, said that to combat the minor and major damages done to Mounds View, they have taken actions such as messaging students and parents, locking bathrooms and enforcing disciplinary measures. “If you see anything, please speak up,” said Chiri. “Students deserve to have open bathrooms that are well supplied.”

Although an uncommon occurrence at Mounds View, the trend occasionally escalated from bathroom-based vandalism to more serious crimes, including the theft and destruction of phones and other valuables, leading students around the country to be indicted for counts of vandalism and theft, leaving life-long impacts on students. While participating in “Devious Licks”  may help garner popularity, they may also result in a criminal charge.