Upcoming: “Shrek: the Musical”


Sarafina Dillon, Staff Reporter

High anticipation from students always follows school musicals, but this year, the excitement is heightened by this year’s selection: “Shrek: the Musical.” Due to the popularity of the well-known children’s movie, many students are especially happy to share the student adaptation with the Mounds View community. “I’m so excited that the show is Shrek,” said Max Hailer, 12. “I have heard from so many people that they are going to see the show just because it is Shrek,” said Hailer. 

Choosing Shrek has the potential to bring the theater community into light it has not experienced in a long time, especially since it has been over two years since Mounds View has had a musical. Special attention is brought to the new friendships, talents and connections facilitated by “Shrek: the Musical.” Eva Mandrot, 10, agrees. “It’s been so long since the school has done a musical because of COVID-19 so it’s definitely long overdue,” said Mandrot. Mandrot is very familiar with theater and she and her family have been involved since she has been a student at Mounds View.

Fellow student, Evangeline Broten, 10 feels similarly. “I’m so excited, especially since it is my first musical at Mounds View … I think there will be so many more opportunities to see people’s skills,” said Broten. “Things like singing and acting can have a big role in that.” 

Despite the enthusiasm, others were disappointed with this pick. “I think that the school shouldn’t have chosen Shrek because I think that it is better as a movie than with added songs,” said Layne Bennett, 11. Similar to the idea that some books are best left untouched, some feel that certain movies should remain films.

Students were asked why they think this particular musical was chosen and what went into their thought process when deciding to perform “Shrek: the Musical.” “I think that this show was picked because there are so many different parts, meaning lots of people can be a part of it.” said Mandro

t. Having more parts allows for more students to be involved in the production, helping to foster the community spirit theater is known for. 

Broten suggested that the musical’s wide range of characters may have been a deciding factor. Adding to that, Hailer stated, “I think the directors have heard so much from the theater community to do this show and how much fun it would be. I think this took a big part in the choosing of the spring musical.”

Students were also asked about how musical productions are different from others, for example, the student-led Shakespeare productions and the impact this has on the production quality. “Shakespeare is different in every way from the musical,” said Hailer. “From the directors, to how we speak, a musical for me is always more fun to perform in.”

Broten is more reserved in her prejudgments, “I can’t really compare since I haven’t been in a musical yet, but I think that both will be special to me in different ways,” said Broten. “Shakespeare has taught me so much about respecting my fellow actors and directors, but I also think that the musical will allow me to experience a different aspect of theater through music.” 

This is also Mandrot’s first musical. “I haven’t done a musical at Mounds View before, but I have done plays, and it’s different from Shakespeare. In Shakespeare we can goof off a bit more and we can also add our own little bits and jokes into the production,” said Mandrot. “But I also think that since the musical is through the school they get more money and have more of an ‘official’ show than Shakespeare.” 

Lastly, students were asked about how the end of the school year would be different since the annual musical is normally held in the fall. “I think in a way it will be nice to have a break,” said Broten “[Theater] is so fun and I love it so much, but it can definitely be stressful, so ending the year early will be better to be able to focus more on school work.”

Whether as members of cast, set or design, students are contributing their time and talents to slowly bring back a sense of normalcy to the theater community, all starting with “Shrek: The Musical.”