Top 5 Things Students are Doing During Spring Break

Madeline Boespflug, Staff Reporter

Wrapping up spring break leaves students to reminisce about the relaxation they experienced while away from school. To bring us back to that time, here are some activities students did over break to treat themselves during their off time.

 “Staycations” are very popular, although it may be a last resort for most. “I wish we were going somewhere like Hawaii or something because I am getting tired of the cold and the snow,” said Claire Anderson, 11. However, Anderson did make sure to touch on the benefits of not traveling. “I have some homework over break but if I get it done right away then I don’t have to worry about it and I can get together with friends who aren’t going anywhere,” Anderson said. 

Another reason people are not traveling over break is because they have family at home and plan on spending time with them. Staying home for break can still be fun as people still have the opportunity to experience the fresh Minnesota air with their families. Winter activities such as skiing, sledding and ice skating are all at their disposal. 

Other students will enjoy traveling to picture-perfect spring break locations. With its beautiful views and glorious weather, a very popular place to travel is the Aloha State, Hawaii. 

Sophomore Reese Bjorklund, has adventurous activities planned for her trip to Hawaii. “We plan on going surfing because we have never done it before but we have always wanted to do it,” said Bjorklund. There are also other activities available, including hiking, snorkeling and cliff jumping. “Something that we have done but are going to do again is snorkeling,” Bjorklund said.

 Besides exploring activities, tourists also tend to appreciate the beauty that spots like Maui offer. “I have never been to Maui before but I really want to go there because it seems like so much fun,” Bjorklund said. 

Known for its amusement parks and beach resorts, Florida is also a well-visited spring break location. Disney World is the highlight of its appeal, with many people flocking to Orlando to experience the amusement park. 

Naples is also a vacation hotspot, with its crystal clear waters and delicious food. “My family and I like to go to Naples because we like relaxing at the beach and we like to go shopping,” Kylie Yu, 10, said. Hiking, going to the Naples pier and visiting the botanical gardens are also things that Yu said her family enjoys. 

For marine animal lovers, Clearwater is the perfect spot. Clearwater’s Marine Hospital Aquarium allows tourists to interact with marine animals that are being rehabilitated in the facility to eventually be released. A unique part of this experience is most definitely the boat tour.  Tourists are brought through the ocean where they get to see wild dolphins and explore an island where they can collect seashells as mementos. 

Filled with people and celebrities, California can enchant one with its Hollywood charm in addition to its natural attractions that draw tourists to this area. “I love to go hiking, [and] I like California a lot for hiking because of the views,” stated Nita Hosseini, 10.

She is familiar with the many relaxing activities in the area because she has been there before. “We like to go swimming or just tan at the beach,” Hosseini said. She and her family also tend to do some shopping at places like Pacsun, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle and Aerie. She has visited several cities in California such as Hollywood Boulevard and Beverly Hills, but does have an absolute favorite. “LA is my favorite because it is busy and I like busy places,” Hosseini said. 

With school being stressful due to a new way of school life, these are only a few of the many places that students usually go to escape the stress of school. Whether it is through staying at home or going someplace else, people decompress in different ways.