Perception vs. Reality

Mounds View's most successful sports go unnoticed

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Perception vs. Reality

Jake Weightman, guest writer

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Mounds View students take a lot of pride in the school’s athletic accomplishments. This pride, coupled with the community’s intrinsic competitiveness, makes athletics a source of both excitement and contention among the student body. But this leaves one to wonder if the school’s teams are as successful as we think they are.

In a survey of 90 students, respondents estimated that our school wins 62 percent of its games, very close to the actual 63 percent from the 2015 seasons.

However, when asked which sports Mounds View performs best at, there was tremendous variation in answers—and less accuracy.

Football was the most common answer, which should not come as a surprise considering the team’s popularity. In the past, the team has done exceptionally well, placing second in their conference in 2014.

However, this season, they only won five out of their nine conference games. With a 55 percent win rate, the team was eliminated before playoffs, placing them much further down the list than students believe.

The team appreciates the continued support, despite the season’s outcome. “Even in times when we are struggling, it is so incredible that so many of our fans are always there for us ready to get loud and cheer on the Mustangs,” said Carter Rholl, 12.

A close second in popularity, baseball comes closer to living up to the hype. Having claimed two state championship titles in the last four years, the team has set a high bar for athletic achievement. However, they are currently having an underwhelming 2016 season, placing in the middle of their conference.

Although they receive very little attention within the school, the tennis teams are among the most successful. Only 15 out of 90 students said either tennis team was the best. However, both the boys’ and girls’ teams have performed well for years.

“Not all sports get to State, and fewer still win State,” said girls tennis player Kalei Cartwright, 11. “Last year, the boys tennis team won State, and yet few people from outside the tennis community were there to support them.”

Students are correct that Mounds View sports are successful, but they might be missing out on the best teams by focusing only on the fan favorites.

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