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Mounds View Boys Basketball


The Mounds View boys basketball team started out their season strong. On Saturday, Dec. 18, Mounds View defeated Big Lake High School’s team with a score of 77-54, securing the 1,000th win in school history. 

Senior Kobe Kirk, one of the captains, highlights that the player’s collaborative attitude and hard work has contributed to the team’s success. “I think we are a really solid defensive team, and we have some good scorers on offense, but the entire team really pushes each other in practice and everyone contributes,” Kirk said.

Despite their collaboration, COVID-19 has unfortunately impacted the team again this year. However, restrictions regarding the pandemic have loosened quite a bit. Players can take off their masks when playing in games, which they were unable to do last year. The team also started the season practicing without masks, but they have recently decided to go back to practicing with masks even though it is not required by the school. As COVID-19 cases are likely to continue rising, Dylan Wheeler, 12, another captain, said they want to do their part to stay healthy and make sure their season can continue. 

Leiser explains another obstacle the team faces is playing in one of the most competitive conferences in the state. “The greatest challenge for this team is competing in the always-difficult Suburban East Conference. Every night is a tough challenge and we need to play as a team to reach our goals,” Leiser said.  

Wheeler agrees, especially since their ultimate goal is qualifying for the state tournament and winning their section. “I think if we stick together as a team and we keep getting better throughout the year as a team, then we should be able to handle it,” he said. 

Another challenge that the team must work through are players’ injuries. Wheeler recently injured his wrist from a power lifting accident, and will be unable to play for three to four weeks. This forces the rest of the team to adjust to his absence. 

Duncan Loegering, 12, believes that this is an opportunity for new players to improve their skills. “We have a great coaching staff that can adjust on the fly, so I think it will work out,” Loegering said. He believes that by the time Wheeler returns to the court, the team will be stronger because they had to work hard to cover for Wheeler. 

In the meantime, Wheeler says he will be watching from the sidelines, giving lots of high fives and helping keep spirits high. “I am excited to help the team in a new way for the time being,” Wheeler said.

The team appreciates support from students and always looks forward to seeing spectators show up to support them at games. Games are mostly Tuesdays and Fridays, and their schedule can be found under the official website of Mounds View boys basketball. 


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