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Protestors protect Standing Rock Reservation

Protestors protect Standing Rock Reservation

December 22, 2016

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On January 25th, 2016, plans to build the Dakota Access Pipeline were announced, but it wasn’t until late July that conflict between the Standing Rock Tribe and the Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company (ETCO), the corporation building the pipeline, began. Since then, thousands of protesters at Standing Rock and millions more around the world have come together to rally against an unjust construction plan.

Dissection is flawed and unnecessary (Full)

Kevin Sabeti-Oseid, editorials editor

May 29, 2015

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This is the complete version of the anti-dissection editorial from today's issue of the Viewer. To view the counterargument and the rest of the issue, click on "Latest Issue" at the top of the website. A common practice among high schools in America, animal dissection has become an accepted teaching...

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