A Day At Annie’s


Aman Rao, staff reporter

In the lively college neighborhood Dinkytown, a three-story restaurant stands out from the others–Annie’s Parlour, a Twins Cities hotspot.

Annie’s Parlour, one of the oldest restaurants in Dinkytown, has been serving customers for 50 years. A former printing press in the 50s, Annie’s has become one of the most famous burger joints in the Twin Cities area. With its incredible burgers and tasty malts, Annie’s can draw in a crowd any day of the week. The popular joint was rated in the Top Ten Burger Spots for MN according to ZAGAT/New York because of its welcoming environment and mouth watering entrees.

Annie’s atmosphere is enchanting. The gray brick building reflects the city lights, giving off its own magic, while the outdoor seating at Annie’s showcases a view of the Minneapolis skyscrapers. The restaurant’s inside ambiance is a slice of the past with dim lights and old posters that enclose the walls. Retro Coca-Cola banners and Pillsbury Mill posters give off their own spark.

There are two separate dining areas in the restaurant, one for more enthusiastic crowds like students, and one for families. After a stressful week, students come to rejuvenate, hang out and meet new people. Due to the restaurant’s popularity, there is barely enough room to stand in the restaurant on a Friday night.

The best part of Annie’s Parlour is not its outdoor seating and views, but the extravagant combinations they serve at the restaurant. Homemade french fries and creamy malts bring a miraculous union of sweet and salty foods.
Annie’s is located on 313 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis. On weekdays, Annie’s is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and on Fridays and Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.