The Matrix Resurrections review

Nick Zwiener, Staff Reporter

The release of the fourth movie of the Matrix series, “Matrix: Resurrections,” turned out to be rather disappointing when compared to the original. This well-meaning remake is a confusing combination of the other Matrix movies. Unlike the first movie, it is very hard to follow. I often found myself rewinding because I could not follow the plot, making for a disjointed movie-viewing experience. 

The beginning is interesting, but predictable. It starts off promisingly with a clear plot, but it fails to keep the same pace and energy of the introduction. Compared to the others in the series, it was a lot chattier, a quality very few look for in action movies. The whole movie, in my opinion, is essentially a much more confusing, complicated, and overall worse version of the first movie.

The special effects were almost the same as the original movie, if not worse, which is disappointing. The original was released in 1999, so one would think that with over 20 years of technological advancement that the special effects would be much better. I expected the overall quality of the film to be on par with the original. Unfortunately, my expectations were crushed.

The original was produced by the Wachowski siblings and Warner Bros, but for the reboot Lana Wachowski was chosen to direct and produced it herself. This proved to be a big mistake. 

Although there were a lot of things I disliked about the movie, I did enjoy the excitement and the addition of another chapter to the Matrix series. I also liked the small details they added to the movie. For example, the character Neo, works as a video game designer on a game called “The Matrix.” I also liked how the first scene replicated the first one from the original, which even featured original sets. These seemingly minor details improved the film, especially for someone who is invested in the Matrix series.

Whether you are a die-hard fan or just an average viewer, it is an okay stand-alone movie, but a disappointing addition to the series.

Rating: 3/5