Conan Gray Concert Review

Sarafina Dillon, Staff Reporter

The stars were definitely aligned for Conan Gray as he stepped onstage for his debut performance at First Ave, the iconic Minneapolis venue. Gray is a pop singer who released his first album in 2020, followed by skyrocketing popularity after several of his songs on his album blew up. His songs can range from emotional ballads and slow songs to upbeat dance music. Conan Gray’s wide range of songs allow many different people to enjoy his music. 

The whole show was amazing. The concert was loud enough for everyone to hear the music over the crowd, but not overpowering to the point where my ears hurt. It was also visually appealing with the set details and the background art. Gray is not a big artist yet, but he still put together a really in-depth set. There was amazing art from the album on the screen during the concert, and they also had a cool bedroom stage set that recreated where he is said to have written most of his songs. The sets also made the concert feel more personal and made me connect with the artist. I also really liked the opening act, Bulow. I really enjoyed their music, as Gray is always able to tell a story through his songs, and they did a good job warming up the crowd for Gray.

Despite all of the aspects I enjoyed, there were some obvious issues. One of those being the organization of the event and the crowds being too packed and crowded. The crowds and the spacing of people in the concert was very stressful and overwhelming. I think that the venue could have done a better job at making sure to give water to everyone who needed it and to more closely monitor those who were not feeling comfortable with their seating situation. 

During the concert, they had to pause frequently because people fainted or got sick. I think that this was definitely avoidable, simply by staffing more security and expediting emergency services to those in need. Thankfully, Gray took this well and paused the concert until they were safe and got the assistance that was needed. This showed the audience that the artist truly cared about his fans. 

The concert was a good experience and a night to remember. With the variety in music and stunning visuals, it was clear to see how much effort Gray put into this concert so that the fans could have a good time. They also made sure to look after their fans during the show emphasizing safety.   


Rating: 3/5