Ariana Eschenbacher, Staff Reporter

As environmental studies and programs have risen in recent years due to the prevalence of climate change, debate on whether humans should change their actions in order to save the environment has risen as well. While changes to save the environment through programs and individuals have been implemented, people and corporations continue to contribute to pollution.

Climate change has had an extreme effect on the world around us. As the damage being done to the planet intensifies, the effects become more and more noticeable. Over the last few decades, the weather has become increasingly inconsistent and interferes with the lives of people and animals alike. 

Humans have made various attempts to prevent further contributions to greenhouse gasses by enacting emissions standards, using renewable energy and more efficient cars that use fewer fossil fuels. According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), seemingly small actions such as supporting local businesses that promote climate-smart practices and using better insulation in homes and buildings are a few ways to further the world’s ability to mitigate further climate change. 

Many people are wondering if it is too late to fix the problem. There is no question substantial damage has been done, but there is no need to make things worse. According to NASA, if the world stops emitting greenhouse gasses today, the temperature will begin to even out within a few years. Although the temperature levels will remain well-elevated for centuries. This is not ideal, but it would be a less damaging alternative to our gradual shift to more eco-friendly practices.

Unfortunately, pollution has only become more normalized. Pollution has a direct effect on animals, not just the climate. It results in many animal deaths, most commonly known are its devastating effects on turtles, with plastic causing serious and painful problems. These effects ultimately come around to affect us as humans. 

This issue is inextricably tied to recycling. Oftentimes, people think it is easier to just throw everything in the same bin, adding more waste to landfills and potentially ending up in wildlife habitats. 

Mounds View High School has a few clubs that aim to help the environment. A few of the clubs are H2O for Life, a chapter at Mounds View that takes initiative to help aid the global water crisis, and Synergy, which focuses on sustainability at the local level. The school as a whole uses Synergy, a program that helps sustainability in the environment. Synergy mainly manages the school’s recycling in the past as well as recently started up a kitchen garden.

While we still have a long way to go, many individuals and groups have done a lot of work and research to help the environment. Unfortunately, the good some people are doing is being offset by others who continue to negatively affect the environment without a full understanding of the repercussions.