The Fall Mustang Mocha Shortage

Morgan Dalton, Business Manager and Online Editor

Mustang Mocha has supplied students at Mounds View with coffee since its opening in 2015. Students have been able to buy a variety of coffee drinks for whatever the weather or occasion. However, this year Mustang Mocha has been unable to consistently prepare coffee due to machinery malfunction. To prevent a total drink drought, students have been buying lemonade instead.

While lemonade was a great solution in the beginning of the school year with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, it is now November, and cold drinks are not as appealing as they once were. Lemonade is a lovely afternoon drink, but it does not appeal to people at 8:00 am after walking a quarter of a mile through the cold to get into the inconsistently heated building. Adding variety, Mustang Mocha sells a few flavors of lemonade, but it is not as popular as their coffee. Students, however, are not letting Mustang Mocha’s shortages prevent them from caffeinating. Many students stop at coffee shops like Caribou or Starbucks before school to get drinks. As Mustang Mocha reopens for coffee, they may face competition from outside sources due to their wider variety of beverages and their consistency. To combat this, finding a way to ensure that they can provide drink options appropriate for the season would be the best course of action. Finding a new servicer or investing in a better coffee machine are just two of the ways Mustang Mocha can ensure students remain loyal customers.