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Who is ‘Paul the Hall Monitor?”

Isabella Kunc
Paul Cicmil directs traffic near the entrance to the north parking lot, chatting with students as they cross the nearby crosswalk.

Many students know “Paul the hall monitor,” whether they talk with him every day or overhear other students mention him. While many know him from supervising the hallways or delivering passes to classrooms, most are unaware of who Paul Cicmil is outside of his job at Mounds View.

Cicmil’s official position at Mounds View is supervisory paraeducator, and some of his job duties include monitoring the halls in addition to supporting students, administration and Student Services staff members. He describes his job as part parent, part older brother, part Walmart greeter and part decision police. “I guess my main responsibility is to make sure that everybody’s getting to class on time, and then if they’re not, they’re not making an effort, it’s kind of the decision police — trying to influence them to go to class,” said Cicmil. 

Cicmil started working at Mounds View High School in April 2023 as a paraeducator. Prior to this position, he gained experience as a paraeducator in both elementary and high schools in the Anoka school district. Cicmil has also had many other jobs before, including being a shuttle driver, FedEx employee, sports radio producer, corporate sales representative, executive assistant and a low voltage electrician apprentice. Working at an auto dealership, Cicmil got injured, and one of the reasons he wanted to go back to education was the low risk of getting hurt on the job. 

Now at Mounds View, Cicmil enjoys working in public education and feels connected to the school and student body. “I just feel responsibility for […] your guys’ lives and your education. I’m part of that. I’m just a small cog in that system, but it’s a big responsibility to be involved in education, and I take it really seriously,” he said.

Outside of his work, Cicmil enjoys boating, fishing and swimming. He also likes both playing and listening to music and watching sports, especially the Minnesota Vikings. 

If the student population doesn’t know it yet, you guys are my adoptive kids. Because I don’t have children of my own, […] the student population has kind of […] become my family.

— Paul Cicmil

Cicmil also has two dogs and has been married for 10 years, but he does not have any children. “If the student population doesn’t know it yet, you guys are my adoptive kids. Because I don’t have children of my own, […] the student population has kind of […] become my family,” said Cicmil.

Students at Mounds View look forward to talking with Cicmil, and he recalls many good memories with students since he began working here. This year, Cicmil was a part of the Mounds View football team as an ancillary coach, primarily assisting with videos and the technology department for the team. Cicmil also attended graduation last June, where he saw many seniors he had gotten to know graduate. 

Since last April, Cicmil has continued to try and get to know more Mounds View students. “It makes me feel bad that I haven’t memorized 1,900 names. I’m working on it,” said Cicmil. “I’ve always been a names and faces guy, so it drives me nuts when I [don’t] remember somebody I’ve talked to before.” 

Connection with students is very important to Cicmil and is a big part of his job as a paraeducator. Cicmil describes himself as a gregarious and social person. “I like meeting strangers, so that makes it easier for me to introduce myself or ask people their names and tell them who I am. I’ve always had an ease of doing that,” he said. As far as his job, Cicmil elaborates on the importance of getting to know students as a paraeducator. “If you don’t have relationships, […] the system doesn’t work,” said Cicmil. “The students have to be able to trust [the staff].”

“Paul the hall monitor” does more than just monitor the halls. He spends every day with staff and students that he cares about, and he hopes that students are able to succeed here at Mounds View. “Helping young people find their way in life, it just gives you a sense of pride,” said Cicmil.

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